Radical lookup in new version of Easy Hanzi

A new minor version of Easy Hanzi has just been released. It mostly includes improvements to the way radicals are handled in the dictionary. In particular, it is now possible to do a “radical:” search to show all the characters that include the given radical. As always the results are sorted by relevance, so you’ll see the most common characters first. For example, here is what you will get for a “radical:水” search:

The character box for radicals is also slightly different than for a regular character. In particular, the radical (Kangxi) number is indicated as well as the variants (if any).

Finally, in a regular character box, you can now click on the radical part to directly do a “radical:” search.

Other improvements in this version include:

  • Dictionary lookup from the practice screen – you can click on this button to search for the characters in the current flashcard.
  • Minor cosmetic improvements on the bottom bar icons
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Get the application now in the download page:

Download Easy Hanzi

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