Chinese character stroke order, and Chinese-English dictionary in Easy Hanzi 2.1

A new major version of Easy Hanzi has just been released! This version includes two major new features – the stroke animations and the Chinese-English dictionary.

As the name say, this new feature allows viewing the stroke order of a given character. Two views are available – one that shows the character being drawn, and another one showing the steps to draw a character, one stroke at a time.

Moreover, next to each character, the various components that make up this characters is displayed to better visualize the structure of a character. For instance, “京” is composed of “亠”, “口” and “小”. Each component can then be clicked on to view the stroke order.

Easy Hanzi now includes a Chinese-English dictionary. You can input words in pinyin, Chinese characters (simplified and traditional) or English. The dictionary will detect the input and displays the results accordingly.

If you typed in a single Chinese character, an information box is going to be displayed with details about the character, such as its radical, HSK level or its traditional or simplified form.

  • HSK words and other improvements

Finally, Easy Hanzi now includes by default the HSK words for level 1 to 6 as well as a list of Chinese radicals. Along with the list of common characters, this allows practicing Chinese vocabulary without having to manually input lists of characters. Other minor improvements and optimizations have been made, among other it’s now possible to change the font used to display Chinese characters.

Download the latest version of Easy Hanzi now and try it by yourself!