Colorized pinyin and smarter MCQ in new version of Easy Hanzi

Three improvements in this new version of Easy Hanzi, all of them were kindly suggested by Marjolein Hoekstra from Cleverclogs:

  1. There is now an option to colorize the pinyin depending on the tone. This a useful improvement to make it easier to remember pinyin and to see at a glance what tone(s) a word is using. The option is turned on by default but you can switch it off in the options.
  2. The MCQ session now offers slightly smarter choices for pinyin and simplified/traditional characters. For pinyin, the software will propose answers that use the same pinyin but with different tones, thus “forcing” you to think through what tone should be used.
  3. For simplified/traditional characters, Easy Hanzi will show characters that share the same radical or that share the same non-radical part. This change also make the MCQ more challenging since it makes you think about the exact shape of the character.

A few more changes are included in this release, including keyboard shortcuts (A, B, C) for the MCQ session and a few bug fixes. The full changelog is available there:

Easy Hanzi latest changes

And the latest version of Easy Hanzi can be downloaded there, as usual:

Download Easy Hanzi

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Pinyin audio playback in new Easy Hanzi version

The latest version of Easy Hanzi now includes audio playback. You can select a card, click on the “Listen” icon and you’ll hear how the word or sentence should be pronounced.

This was one of the most asked-for feature. The difficulty was not so much in implementing it but rather in producing each of theĀ 2000+ syllable audio files. Thankfully, Ya Li Cheng kindly released and open sourced a complete pinyin audio set, which I could use in Easy Hanzi.

Have a look at this new pinyin pronunciation feature in Easy Hanzi 2.3. As always, feedback is welcome!